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Oregon Ballot Measure 114 is considered by many to be the most oppressive, anti-gun legislation in the nation. We urge ALL Oregonians to vote in the upcoming election and vote “NO” on Ballot Measure 114. Here are some of the key provisions of the unconstitutional Ballot Measure 114 which will restrict the Second Amendment rights of Oregonians:
Ballot Measure 114 will require a permit to purchase or transfer any firearm in the future.
Ballot Measure 114 creates a published government registry of firearm owners.
Applicants cannot obtain a permit without first passing a law enforcement firearms training course, but Law Enforcement Agencies are NOT required to provide the training.
Ballot Measure 114 bans ammunition magazines over 10 rounds.
READ FULL TEXT of Oregon Ballot Measure 114 of 2022
Most Oppressive Features of Ballot Measure 114:
Gun Owner Registry: Ballot Measure 114 would allow your personal information to be added to a government registry. Measure 114 requires law enforcement to maintain a registry of gun owner’s personal information including applicant’s legal name, current address, and telephone number, date and place of birth, physical description, fingerprints, pictures, and any additional information determined necessary by law enforcement. This data will be published annually, so every criminal can find out who

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