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By Tom Knighton

Ever since Parkland a year ago, a lot of students have spoken out about how they no longer feel safe at school. They’ve pushed for gun control despite their poor understanding of just what happened and what causes these shootings. It’s unsurprising because they’re constantly bombarded with anti-gun propaganda day in, day out.

Now, Oregon is proposing some rather insane gun laws. Worse, some students are trying to pressure lawmakers into adopting those bills claiming that they need them to feel safe at school.

Around 40 students traveled to Salem from the Portland area Monday to say they want to feel safer in their classrooms. They’re lobbying for a new bill that would require a permit to buy guns and put other restrictions in place.

The measure, Oregon Senate Bill 501, would also require a criminal background check to buy ammunition and says you could only buy or receive 20 rounds within a 30-day period.

A co-owner of a gun store in Salem called the bill “ridiculous.”

The FBI says from 2001 to 2017 nearly 800 people died in active shooter incidents.

“I want to feel safe at school. I want to be able to live like a normal …Read the Rest

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