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By Chris Eger

Earlier this year Walmart raised the minimum age for gun sales to 21 in a policy shift but in turn, opened themselves to age discrimination complaints. (Photo: Chris Eger/
An 18-year-old who went to the retailer to buy her first gun and was rebuffed took the matter to the state, who agrees she was discriminated against due to her age.
The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries this week found that the teen, Hannah Brumbles, was the victim of age discrimination in violation of state accommodations law after Walmart refused to sell her a gun over an internal policy. In late February, Walmart said it won’t sell firearms and ammunition to anyone under age 21, citing the Parkland shooting for its nationwide policy reversal.
Brumbles went into her local store in St. Helens just after her 18th birthday in April to buy her first gun — a family tradition, the Willamette Week reported — but was refused in line with the new policy. An avid shooting enthusiast who had hunted since a young age and has attended Project Appleseed marksmanship classes, the teen is seeking $135,000 from the big box chain — the same figure an Oregon baker was assessed after declining to


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