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By Brian Seay

“I’ll blow Obama’s head off my pleasure,” wrote John Martin Roos on social media. “FBI pussies come and get me and die.” (Photo: Facebook)
An Oregon man was sentenced to 63 months in federal prison last week after he pleaded guilty to possessing a pipe bomb and making threats to kill then-President Obama, as well as FBI agents, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Oregon announced last week.
John Martin Roos, 62, admitted in court that he used racially inflammatory language in a social media post where he threatened to kill Obama, his wife and their children.
“FBI f— you better come and get me,” Roos wrote on Twitter in March 2016, according to court documents. “I leave today to kill Obama, this nigger will never take over the U.S. I will kill him and patriots will you.”
About a month later, he was arrested outside a Veterans Administration facility in White City, Oregon. A search of his home uncovered several pipe bombs. In August, a grand jury handed down a 14 count indictment. He pleaded guilty to one count each of making threats against the president, making threats against federal law enforcement officers, and possession of an unregistered destructive device.
According to court documents, Roos


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