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By JP Pichardo

GOA to Key Vote “NO” on Undetectable Firearms Act
Biden’s “Frame or Receiver” rule shows how this statute could be weaponized to outlaw guns with plastic parts.
Sometimes it takes decades for a poorly drafted anti-gun law to rise up and bite you. The 1968 gun ban for “mental defectives” sat around for 25 years before an anti-gun Clinton administration decided to use it to disarm more than 250,000 law-abiding veterans who had never been before a court. The Obama Administration approved pistol braces and 40,000,000 were manufactured and sold before President Biden decided to ban them. The “plastic gun ban” is another massive time bomb in federal law. It will be reauthorized permanently in the Senate National Defense Authorization Act—if Congress doesn’t stop it.
Background Information on this Outdated and Ineffective Statute
Unless it existed before December 10, 1988, the plastic gun ban absolutely bans any gun that is not as detectable in a “walk-through metal detector” as a Security Exemplar.[i] In addition, every “major component” of every firearm has to pass through an airport x-ray in such a way that its shape is “accurately” depicted.[ii]
The “Security Exemplar” is a piece of metal that the ATF uses to calibrate how much steel

Source: Gun Owners of America

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