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By Bob Owens

Vietnam veteran Don Rogers was open carrying a pistol when armed robber Devin Burton attempted to rob the clerk just feet away. This was widely regarded as a bad move.

Army veteran Don Rogers went to a gas station in Sycamore, Georgia, to get change for a $20. The timing of this seemingly innocuous decision—and his decision to carry a concealed handgun—may have saved store clerk Hardeep Benipal’s life:

Today has not been the day Don Rogers was expecting. “I wish the day could’ve went by without this happening,” said Rogers. “I just did what I had to do”

This Vietnam veteran was in this Sycamore gas station getting change for a 20 when his day took a bizarre turn. “I heard somebody say “put the money in the bag”. So I looked up and I seen this gentleman holding a pistol on the clerk,” said Rogers.

Fear quickly came over Rogers, but he knew what he had to do. The gun-carrying veteran pulled his weapon on the robber. “And when I did, he looked over at me and turned my way and I fired a shot. And he grabbed his side and then I fired two more shots before he got out the …read more

Source:: Bearing Arms

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