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By Dean Weingarten


On the way to Wisconsin from Dallas, I had a minor automotive mishap. I was on Highway 151 just across the Mississippi River and Wisconsin border when the battery light came on. I’d considered changing the battery in Arizona when I left, but thought it could take one more trip. I was wrong . . .

Things started going crazy with the sensors and instruments a few miles later. I managed to take the first exit and ended up in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Dodgeville, trying to diagnose the problem. The parking lot seemed like a decent place to be with a potentially disabled vehicle. I was open carrying in the cross draw position with the old Fobus holster for vehicular travel.

I got out and checked out the fluids. They were good. I decided to try starting the vehicle. There was not enough juice to turn it over, but the solenoid chattered. An O’Reilly Auto Parts store was only 300 yards away.

Dakota at O'Rielly Helpful, courteous member of the gun culture

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