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By Dean Weingarten

Colorado Springs on Map

By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -( The disarmists are claiming that the police did not respond to the shooter in Colorado Springs because the State has open carry rights, as do 45 states of the United States. From R Bruce Magee, a commenter on

This past weekend. a man was seen wandering a Colorado Springs neighborhood brandishing a heavy weapon. Recognizing the man as a neighbor, a woman called 911. The dispatcher told her the police couldn’t do anything about the man due to the state’s Open Carry Law. Within a few minutes of that phone call, the man had shot and killed three innocent people and was headed downtown.

Except that is *not* what happened. Here is what the caller, Naomi Bettis said happened. From

Naomi Bettis first called 911 when she saw her neighbor carrying a rifle and a gas can outside his house.

The gazette is a bit off on what happened as well. After listening to Naomi Bettis’ call, it is clear that she saw something amiss, because a window was broken in the business below the apartment, and the suspect was carrying gas cans into …Read the Rest

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