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By Dean Weingarten

By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

Arizona -( Protesters in Milwaukee want repeal of the Second Amendment. The signs at the NRA Carry Guard Expo show the intentions of those who want a disarmed society.

They are not talking half measures. They want to repeal the existing Constitutional right. At Milwaukee, they did not make much of an impression.


Inside the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee, thousands are learning from instructors, and checking out new products at the expo. Outside the convention center, a small group gathered in opposition.

“We don’t need a provision in our constitution saying anyone has a right to have a gun,” said Lee Goodman, Peaceful Communities.

The stood holding signs, protesting guns and the NRA.

“The more guns out there, the more violence there will be and it’s never going to stop, never going to stop,” said Linda Raciti, demonstrator.

What the cameras did not catch were the open carriers demonstrating in favor of open carry. A trusted source noted that there were a number of open carriers at the event. I have spoken to the writer. I have known the person he is referring to for many years.


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