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By Jennifer Cruz

James Baker, left, and Brandon Vreeland, right, were convicted of illegally carrying a concealed weapon. (Photo: Dearborn Police Department)
Two men – including one equipped with multiple weapons, body armor and a face mask – who entered Michigan’s Dearborn Police Department to record a confrontation with police were convicted on weapons charges.
Last week’s conviction comes not from the actual incident inside the police station, but rather a video obtained during the trial that shows them improperly storing a firearm before entering the building, local media reported.
A jury convicted Brandon Vreeland, 41, and James C. Baker, 24, of illegally carrying a concealed weapon. Vreeland was found guilty of disturbing the peace and resisting arrest, both misdemeanors, while Baker was found not guilty on charges of brandishing a firearm and disturbing the peace.
Although it’s legal to carry a gun inside a police station in Michigan, the video used during the trial shows Baker place a rifle in the trunk of Vreeland’s vehicle, which, due to the way it was handled, was illegal. The weapon was unloaded and locked in the trunk but not in a case, as state law requires if the individual does not hold a valid concealed pistol license.
Baker had held


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