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By Tom Knighton

While our gun rights are under constant assault these days, some are trying to convince gun owners to side with those who would curtail or rights. It’s unlikely to work in the grand scheme of things, but the efforts to do so are almost as amusing as they are infuriating.

Take this well-meaning, but misguided, op-ed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Written by Christopher K. Mellon, it touches on the reality felt by many gun owners, but still ultimately boils down to nothing for Second Amendment supporters.

There are many other popular gun-control regulations. So the question is not whether to have gun control, rather the question is “What is the mix of laws and regulations that can best protect legitimate gun rights while reducing tragic violence?”

The lack of progress is partly due to the fact that we have two very different communities in America, rural and urban, with utterly distinct experiences and perspectives regarding firearms. In rural America weapons are routinely used for hunting and sports such as trap or skeet. It is a part of the culture and tradition. Additionally, people living in isolated areas often cannot count on assistance from neighbors or a rapid police response if …Read the Rest

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