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By Tom Knighton

National reciprocity was going to be opposed by progressives. We knew it from the start. There’s almost no scenario where they weren’t going to offer vehement opposition to the bill, no matter what. They don’t like guns, they don’t like armed citizens, and they don’t like the idea of people not needing to trust the government with their every need.

It’s just that simple.

However, in a recent op-ed, constitutional attorney Noah Feldman, who is apparently no fan of national reciprocity, makes some excellent points that the national reciprocity opposition would do well to remember.

It’s a terrible measure, to be sure, forcing states to allow people licensed to carry concealed weapons in one state to carry them anywhere else. But that doesn’t mean it’s unconstitutional, and liberals should be careful what they wish for.

To insist the law is unconstitutional requires arguing that states have the ultimate right to legislate on guns. Yet if Congress were some day to prohibit concealed carry everywhere, or to impose gun control measures with teeth across the country, the same argument could be used to say Congress lacks the authority to do so.

So liberals should be careful about borrowing the tools of constitutional conservatism …Read the Rest

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