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By Tom Knighton

Anti-gun zealots don’t understand math all that well. I say that as someone who freely admits that math is my weak point, but I do understand numbers. I can look at the numbers and compare them to others.

No, that’s not rocket science. But it seems to be far beyond the understanding of some.

For example, we have people who think a recent study proves you shouldn’t own a handgun.

There’s a new study out today on gun ownership in America. That in and of itself is newsworthy, as the NRA has done everything in its power to stifle research into firearms and gun violence, but this survey in particular lends weight to something that seems like a very clear truth to me: You do not need a handgun.

The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, analyzed gun ownership data from the past 41 years and found the portion of families with young children who own guns has decreased, from 50 to 45 percent for white families. (Per CNN, the study’s authors didn’t have enough data to draw reliable conclusions for black families.) But not all guns are created equal. The study …Read the Rest

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