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By Tom Knighton

While I tend to lump all anti-gun crusaders in the same pot, it’s mostly because it’s more efficient to do so. I don’t care if someone is a Fudd or a “ban ’em all” type, I think they’re all wrong, and it’s just not feasible to address every one separately. It’s just not.

However, from time to time, I see something from one particular subset of the anti-gunners that makes me think to myself, “This needs some special attention for this particular brand of stupid.”

Such an opportunity presented itself when I read the first paragraph of an op-ed from the Salt Lake Tribune.

Guns do not keep the peace.

People with love in their hearts keep the peace. People with fear and hatred in their hearts sometimes use guns to kill other people, whereas people whose hearts are full of love don’t do that.

Oh my sweet and fluffy Lord. Someone actually wrote that, and someone else actually published it. Let’s let that sink in just a bit and continue.

Guns are not designed as a peacekeeping tool; guns are designed to kill. Killing is their sole purpose and usage and therefore cannot be used to keep any sort of peace. Peace …Read the Rest

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