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By Tom Knighton

To say there’s anger over President Trump’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives changing the rules over bump stocks is an understatement. While there isn’t the kind of outrage you’d see if he’d tried to ban semi-autos by fiat, there’s still a lot of hostility out there, and for good reason. We don’t like our supposedly uninfringeable rights being infringed.

We’re prickly that way.

Especially since, as one op-ed argues, Trump has already done more for gun control than Obama ever did.

Cries of “Obama’s going to take your guns!” were so loud in conservative circles dating back a decade that very few people remember that the only two major gun bills Obama signed into law actually expanded the rights of gun owners. One was a measure that allowed Amtrak passengers to carry firearms in checked baggage, and the other allowed the carry of firearms in national parks, reversing President Reagan’s policy that required guns to be locked in the trunks or glove compartments of vehicles upon entering national parks. Obama did announce a set of “executive actions” aimed at better enforcement of existing federal gun laws, but even the Charles Koch-founded Cato …Read the Rest

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