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By Dan Zimmerman


By Alex Knapp

You’ve read articles and blog posts about what it’s like to work in a gun store, but you may not have read one about from a woman’s perspective. What is it like working in a gun store as a woman? Don’t get me wrong — I love my job and the people 97% of the time. But the remaining 3% is the part I’m not too fond of. Now some of what I encounter are the same issues the men who work in gun stores have, like customers pulling their loaded firearm from a holster for me to look at their “sweet-ass 1911” just like the one we have on the shelf. Or someone asking for a price on a new gun, then proceeding to tell me that while my price is better than every other shop in town, they’re going to order it from an online store that’s $20 cheaper. . .

As a woman working in the gun industry, you deal with a whole new stream of bull. Some days it can be as small and easy to navigate as a creek. Other days it flows like Niagara Falls. So let’s start with that creek: When you …Read the Rest

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