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By Johannes Paulsen

There was a brace of decisions from Alabama last week relating to open carry. First the bad news: Robert Kennedy Jr. (no, not that guy; we’re talking about one of the founders of the gun rights organization BamaCarry,) was convicted by an Alabama State District Court on Friday on misdemeanor charges of of illegally wearing his Taurus .357 Magnum revolver in open view at a polling place during the 2014 elections, reports A video of Kennedy in the act of…well, quietly walking into the polling place, voting, then calmly coming outside to talk to the press can be seen above. As a result of that act . . .

Kennedy was convicted with violating two parts of the Alabama Code – 13A-11-61.2, which bars the possession of firearms in “certain places”, and Alabama Code Section 17-17-33, which bars obstruction, intimidation, harassment or coercion of voters.

If those charges seem a bit odd given the video above, well, you’re not alone. The part of the code that bars possession of firearms from “certain places” doesn’t actually specify polling …read more

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