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By Ben Philippi

While many maybe unfamiliar with Bill Sumner’s store, they’re likely familiar with his range, Knob Creek, which serves as the backdrop for the international machine gun shoot of the same name.
Biff’s Gun World sits at the crossroads of Old Dixie and Dixie Highway in the small town of Valley Station, Kentucky. From the outside, it looks like just another aging business along the highway, but inside is a collection of items personifying the mind of the man who owns it.
Inside may be overwhelming at first with the volume of items. It’s not untidy as there’s a method to the madness, making it feel more like a museum than a retailer.
There’s the collection of stuffed animals, balloons, buckets, dishes and other random items hanging from the ceiling. Not to mention the deer heads and stuffed animals.
Shelves are packed with a mixture of new and old items much like a surplus store. Guns behind the case and holsters and gun parts on the walls, but also collectors plates and shot glasses. Old gun mags and nudie mags.
Six days a week, you’ll find Sumner sitting in the back on his stool reading a magazine and waiting for customers to ask questions as they


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