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By gunwriter If you were going to create one big game cartridge for the world how would you codify the creation? Well, how about this? The cartridge should be able to push a bullet fast and flat enough to limit trajectory as much as possible. The bullet should provide enough penetration to pass through the vitals of any animal we shoot, while expanding to increase tissue destruction. Ideal external and terminal ballistics should be provided without excessive recoil. The cartridge must fit in a repeating rifle, compact and light enough to carry all day, with a reasonable magazine capacity. With that settled, let’s try to get a little more specific: Trajectory (external ballistics) An eight-inch kill zone is reasonable for most big game animals all over the world. The perfect big game cartridge should allow you to hold in the center of this kill zone out to around 300 yards and still get a hit, even in a moderate cross wind. Penetration / Expansion (terminal ballistics) Given reasonable shot angles, for a bullet to pass through the vitals of all but the largest and most dangerous game, it should be capable of penetrating 18 to 20 inches in 10% ordnance …Read the Rest

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