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MAKE READY WITH PAT MCNAMARA (written by Len Waldron)

New ‘Carbine TAPS’ DVD helps you train like you fight!

Pat McNamara has joined the Panteao ranks with a video version of his popular Tactical Application of Practical Shooting (TAPS) course. Beyond the black and white of a book, the one-hour-and-24-minute video delivers the pure “Pat Mac” personality and unique emphasis on both training methodologies and the “why” behind his approach to training.

In his own words, Pat McNamara summarizes the TAPS course as “a train-the-trainer leadership program that revolves around a shooting program that adheres to the fundamentals and incorporates individual complex battle drills that are ambiguous in nature to encourage quick thinking and problem solving…the drills are combat relevant and encourage continuous thought process and demand accountability.”

McNamara follows a performance- based methodology in his training that is “based upon doing what we can with what we have.” This eliminates the distraction of arbitrary standards of a number of shots from a certain distance in a certain time to pass or fail at a particular drill. Performance, in McNamara’s view, is more like a professional athlete’s training. “This approach allows …Read the Rest

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