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By Robert Farago

““I was honored to be endorsed by Gun Owners of America as the strongest supporter of the Second Amendment on this stage today.” That was Senator Ted Cruz’s final remarks about his pro-gun bona fides at the last presidential debate. We didn’t think much about it. Over at Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop generating website, Alex Yablon did his boss’s bidding and found a Massachusetts-based academic who’s all a-tizzy . . .

Alan Schroeder, a Northeastern University journalism professor and author of Presidential Debates: 50 Years of High Risk TV, tells The Trace, “I honestly cannot think of a parallel example from previous presidential primary debates” of a candidate on national television aligning themselves with a group so extreme.”

While it’s true that the Gun Owners of America assume the absolutist position on gun control – the Second Amendment prohibits any and all infringement on the right to keep and bear arms – Professor Schhroeder’s decision to label them extreme is extreme. But not surprising. Anti-gunners are always on the prowl for suitable subjects for vilification.

Pratt grounds his fundamentalist philosophy of gun rights not in the needs of sportsmen …read more

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