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By Robert Farago

Indiana recently repealed its blanket ban on the manufacture, import, sale or possession of “sawed-off” (a.k.a., short-barreled) shotguns. Federal NFA rules still apply. Hoosiers who want a short shotty must go through all the same federal checks and procedures that they would for a license to possess a machine gun, silencer or short-barreled rifle. Indiana po-po don’t anticipate any problems.

Shelby County Prosecutor Brad Landwerlen [via]:

Frankly, pistols are still much easier to conceal than a shotgun, and criminals will still want to be able to conceal the fact that they have a gun until they are ready to use the gun. Short-barreled rifles, machine guns, and silencers have been lawful under the same regulations for many years, but it is extremely rare for a person to use one in a crime.

In my 34+ years in law enforcement, I have still not seen any of these federally regulated weapons used in a crime. I feel that there is no need for any state to have a law prohibiting sawed-off shotguns, as they are already heavily regulated at the federal level by the BATF.

The change in law will also permit police officers acting in the course of their employment …read more

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