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By Robert Farago

Arkansas school (courtesy

The New York Times’ editorial board must be bored with their own anti-gun rights polemics by now. The Gray Lady’s most recent addition to their civilian disarmament canon – bemoaning a forthcoming Ohio law that restores residents’ right to keep and bear arms in day care centers (amongst other places) – lacks their usual sense of moral outrage. “Is this really necessary?” they whine. “The bill’s sponsor claimed the legislation would end ‘undue hardships’ for license holders under current law that requires them to leave guns in the car while dropping off children. Under the proposed law, citizens would be able to tote their weapons into what gun lobby propaganda describes as ‘victim zones’ — places presumably in need of vigilantism.” See what they did there? If not, try this on for size . . .

The measure was denounced as a dangerous effort to promote gun sales by the Ohio chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. It feeds the fantasies of people who think they have the power to stop criminals — even though, in practice, concealed-carry weapons inflict more harm on gun owners and other innocent victims than on …Read the Rest

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