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By Robert Farago


The last time I traveled to The Land of Hope and Glory, British customs found a single .22 in the corner of my carry-on. They assured me it was a big deal. Legally, the cartridge was “part of a gun.” OK then. A little later the MP5-wielding security team told me “this happens all the time,” what with U.S. soldiers flying hither and yon. They let me go. After lots of palaver. So I completely understand the thought process of the United Airlines pilot flying to Munich last week who suddenly discovered her was carrying ammo on board . . .

The incident unfolded aboard a flight from Houston to Munich in June.

After forgetting he had the ammunition in his luggage, the pilot initially put the bullets in a garbage can, an official with knowledge of the investigation said.

A passenger saw the bullets in the trash, reported it to a flight attendant, who then told the captain, according to the official. That’s when the captain flushed the ammunition down a toilet.

The pilot reported what happened after landing in Munich, and German authorities retrieved the bullets from the plane, the official said.

United acknowledged this week that a pilot had “improperly disposed of …read more

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