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By Dan Zimmerman

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A TTAG reader writes:

“The Waffle House located in Nicholasville, Kentucky (a suburb just south of Lexington), recently hit the local news for refusing to serve a Kentucky National Guardsman who had just finished his day on duty and was open-carrying his sidearm while in uniform. He was told to leave the gun in his car if he wanted to be served. According to the Kentucky Revised Statutes . . .

“all ‘no gun’ signs have to be posted on every entrance to a business if the owner(s) do not wish for firearms to be carried inside. Full disclosure here…I live in Nicholasville, and have eaten at that particular waffle house before, and never seen any ‘no gun’ sign on the door.”

According to the news report, Guardsman Billy Welch said, “I don’t feel comfortable taking my firearm away from me. I always keep it with me and they said, ‘it’s one of our policies.’”

And when this particular Waffle House owner was contacted for comment, he issued the anodyne statement at the top regarding their universal customer disarmament policy. For the safety of their customers and associates.

Does that sacred policy apply to police officers and state troopers who may …read more

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