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By Dan Zimmerman

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“Love it or hate it, little kids go on hunting trips, and the thing about hunting trips is that there’s usually a gun or two involved in the process. There’s a world of difference between snapping a photo of your 4-year-old with a loaded handgun they’ve never handled before and taking a few pictures on a family trip (with responsible adults standing right there) for posterity.” That’s a more even-handed treatment of the kerfuffle over a pseudo-celebrity posting a pic of her child holding a gun than you’d expect from, no? Not that plenty of Mackenzie Douthit McKee’s fans and followers didn’t freak . . .

If you’re not familiar with her – and why would you be? – McKee rose because of her appearance on the MTV show and cultural barometer known as 16 and Pregnant. But when she posted this pic of her son in camo holding a BB gun, it stirred up “a hot parenting debate,” as MSN noted.

“A child this young has no reason to learn how to use a gun and cannot fully understand what it’s like to take a life,” one user commented. Another seemed …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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