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By Dan Zimmerman


We checked the calendar and tomorrow is August 1, not April 1. So apparently New Yorkers Against Gun Violence is actually serious about the group’s #DisarmTheiPhone hashtag campaign. Who? Yes, you may remember NYAGV as the geniuses behind the fake New York City gun store stunt back in March. On the heels of that PR triumph, now they want the world to know there’s something we all can “do” about gun violence. Even if what they want you to “do” is nothing more than a useless, feel-good symbolic gesture. Which, when you think about it applies to 97.4% of the civilian disarmament community’s efforts . . .

So what’s the point? NYAGV wants you to tweet your disapproval of that little revolver’s presence in your smart phone so Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, feels the heat of public disapproval and zaps the gun icon on some subsequent iPhone software update. Because, after all, it’s the gun we all carry. #justshootme

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