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By Robert Farago

“The death of Cecil the lion at the hands of pilloried dentist Walter Palmer has sparked worldwide outrage,” reports, “with virtual mobs tanking Palmer’s Yelp ratings, real mobs leaving angry messages at his office, and activists and celebrities alike calling for his metaphorical (or literal) head. But the tragic death of one lion belies a much more widespread and serious problem affecting wildlife in Zimbabwe.” The problem of hunting! Right? Well . . .

The landlocked, southern African nation is one of the hardest-hit places on the continent when it comes to the killing of big game, both legal and illegal. It is a country where, Slate reports, “hunters exported 49 lion trophies in 2013 alone” and where, since Cecil’s death “it’s likely that at least a dozen other lions have been shot by trophy hunters.”A 2013 study in the journal Public Library of Science estimates that 96 lions were hunted per year between 1996 and 2006 in the country and 43 per year more recently. Lion trophy hunts were banned there in 2005 but allowed again after 2008.

OK guys, a little context please. How many lions are there in Zimbabwe? The UK-based charity <a class="colorbox" href="" data-link-name="in …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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