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By Tom Knighton

Last week, we reported that Sig Sauer was offering free trigger upgrades for their P320 pistols after it became known that the weapons would fire if dropped at a certain angle.

That information became known due to a video posted by Omaha Outdoors in which the weapon was dropped, resulting in a discharge.

Unsurprisingly, Omaha Outdoor was criticized over a number of supposed issues regarding its testing of the P320. They have decided to address those criticisms in a video and blog post.

Of particular note was this bit in their blog post:

At the time that we released our first drop test video, we had conducted many other drop tests of common service handguns from other manufacturers, but we chose not to make the video a comparison between Sig and X manufacturer, simply a focus on that particular issue. Needless to say, many folks were wondering if their chosen pistol platform was susceptible to this issue, so in this video we drop test, at many angles, a Glock 17 Gen 2, Glock 17 Gen 3 modified by Zev, Glock 22 Gen 4, Glock 43, Heckler & Koch VP9, HK VP9SK, Polymer80 PF940C Glock kit with all stock Glock parts, Smith & Wesson …Read the Rest

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