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By Justin Stakes

Olympia Wand Penlight (Illustration courtesy of Olympia)

by Dennis Johnson, MD, PhD, Jim Clary, PhD & Carolyn Johnson, RN and Mary Clary, RN

Olympia Wand Penlight :
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United States -( While at this year’s SHOTSHOW we scored a real find. Maybe no one gets as excited about a superior penlight like a doctor or nurse but to us this device is worth its weight in gold.

We’ve spent our careers gazing down patient’s gullets looking for the culprits of illness. Light quality and beam intensity is indispensable for making such diagnoses. The light can be held several inches from the mouth allowing excellent visualization of the nasopharynx.

We were impressed with the Olympia Wand Penlight. It is an LED penlight of convenient size and weight that securely clips into a shirt pocket but has a whopping 160 lumens–just the horsepower needed for superb illumination. It’s water resistant aircraft grade aluminum and toughened lens puts up with real-world abuse. The CREE(R) XPG R5 LED has a 50K hours lifespan and a 2 year guarantee. When armed with its included AAA batteries , it lights up the world. The high intensity setting provides over 2 hours of continuous use and its low setting (70 lumens) exceeds …Read the Rest

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