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By Ammoland

The End is Already Here civil unrest

By John Farnam

Old Sins in New Ways
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “The most expensive four words in the English Language: ‘This time it’s different!’” ~ John Templeton

On North Korea, from a friend in the System:

“Until recently, all Swiss border-tunnels and bridges were mined, and could be blown within hours. Add this to the high survivability of their people, equipment, and tactical air-assets, and the Swiss present a real porcupine to any invader. In view of current world events, namely North Korea’s ICBMs in Asia and Russian aggression in Europe, the Swiss are likely to re-harden borders. In fact, they’re probably doing it now!

Sweden has just re-activated its civil-defense shelter program, and reinstated the draft.

The Baltics are arming and training citizen ‘volunteers’ of military age, all in an effort to turn their countries into ‘instant insurgencies‘ upon invasion, which they firmly believe is coming, either from Russians, or Islamics.

They’ve been through all this before!

Over here, our naive and disconnected ‘media‘ is transfixed on DJTs’ imagined ‘Russian connection.’

Under JEC (James Earl Carter) and WJC (William Jefferson Clinton), the last vestiges of American civil defense were foolishly …Read the Rest

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