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By Lee Williams

Oklahoma state Rep. Justin “JJ” Humphrey, R-Lane, wants ATF agents investigated after they sent a 12-man SWAT team to raid his constituent’s home. (Photo courtesy Oklahoma House of Representatives.)by Lee WilliamsNowadays, the ATF operates above the law, and it’s become clear that despite their frequent high crimes and civil rights abuse, no one in the federal government is going to hold the agency accountable as long as Joe Biden occupies the White House.But one Oklahoma state representative isn’t satisfied with waiting for the feds or anyone else to intervene. He’s got a plan to stop ATF’s illegal abuses right now, and unlike other loftier elected officials, he’s taking action, personally. He’s not just pontificating about the problem in front of a bank of microphones.“The ATF is coming for our guns, and if we let them do this with no pushback, they will do it more,” said Oklahoma state Rep. Justin “JJ” Humphrey, (R-Lane).  A story published Tuesday revealed that Humphrey sent a letter to Oklahoma’s Governor, Attorney General and other law enforcement officials demanding an investigation into the ATF raid on the home of one of his constituents, Russell Fincher, a parttime gun dealer, high school history teacher and Baptist

Source: The Gun Writer

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