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By Tom Knighton

Gun stores are required by federal law to conduct a background check on each gun purchase, the only exceptions being those in some states with valid carry permits. Unfortunately, those people working behind the counter are humans, which means there are plenty of ways that those background checks might not happen quite as intended.

In some cases, the dealer willfully chooses not to conduct a background check. In others, someone just screws up, kind of like what apparently happened at an Academy Sports in Oklahoma.

Brendan Green went to the Edmond Academy a few days before thanksgiving to purchase a .22 rifle.

He wanted to use it to go shooting with his brother.

It was his first time purchasing a firearm, and there were no problems.

He walked out of the store approximately 30 minutes later with his firearm in hand.

But, he got a call from the store first thing the next morning.

“He’s like ‘We’re going to need you to bring that firearm back as soon as you can. You were not supposed to leave the store with that firearm, and we messed up,’” Green said.

Green was told he was actually on “delayed” status and they had made a mistake letting him …Read the Rest

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