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By Dean Weingarten

The Oklahoma legislature has overwhelmingly voted to extend the legal self defense protections homes and businesses have to Oklahoma churches. So now Oklahomans will have he same right to armed self defense in their houses or worship that they do in their homes.


The Senate voted 42–1 on Thursday for House Bill 2632, which makes places used either part- or full-time for religious services covered by the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act.

The shooting still must be done because of reasonable fear of harm or death or to prevent a violent felony.

“That makes it clear that there has to be some reason that you felt that you were threatened and needed to use that defensive force, or that someone else is threatened and that you needed to use that force,” said Sen. Micheal Bergstrom.

On March 6, 2018, the Oklahoma House voted 62 Yes, 21 No, with 16 excused.

The bill now goes to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, who is likely to sign the popular measure. The bill extends what has commonly been known as the “castle doctrine” to churches.

Here are a few relevant snippets from the bill:


A. The Legislature hereby recognizes …Read the Rest

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