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By Tom Knighton

While we’re going to talk about the United States House of Representatives a lot in the coming days, it’s worth remembering that they’re not the only ones making laws impacting guns.

Gun laws of various stripes are also snaking their way through the legislative process in pretty much every state to some degree. Some of those are gun control, sure, but some are pro-gun legislation.

You know, stuff like the constitutional carry bill that’s now law in Oklahoma.

Just hours after final legislative approval was granted, Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill Wednesday that will allow Oklahoma residents to carry a firearm in public with no training or license.

House Bill 2597, the so-called Constitutional Carry bill, advanced out of the Senate on Wednesday afternoon by a 40-6 vote. With Stitt’s signature, the law takes effect Nov. 1.

During a signing ceremony Wednesday afternoon, Stitt said voters across the state have told him they’re concerned about gun rights. Stitt dismissed critics’ concerns about how the bill would affect public safety.

“I think the best defense for a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” he said.

The bill allows people age 21 and older — and military service members …Read the Rest

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