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By Robert Farago


“The computerized background-check system operated by the [Ohio] Bureau of Criminal Investigation in the office of Attorney General Mike DeWine has been troubled for years, sometimes indicating that thousands of criminals have clean records,” reports. “Thousands of police officers and employers rely daily on the criminal background check system that DeWine describes as ‘critical for the safety of Ohio families.’ The system is used to vet school teachers, foster parents, medical professionals, police officers, firefighters, day care and nursing home workers and gun owners seeking concealed carry permits, among many others.” So how bad is it? . . .

Hundreds of times in the past three years, including 195 in 2014, BCI backtracked to tell employers that they had been incorrectly informed that a would-be, or hired, employee had no criminal record.

Questions about accuracy aren’t limited to the computer system. Since 2013, some court clerks, including in Franklin and Hamilton counties, inadvertently did not submit criminal conviction records to BCI for months. And problems remain.

A spot check by WBNS-TV of municipal and county court records in eight counties found 6.6 percent of convictions from recent years — more than 10,000 overall — missing from the state system.

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