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SIG just picked up a nice little chunk of business from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio: the department has selected the company’s P226 pistol as it’s official sidearm. In addition, the agency is going with the SIG M400 as its new patrol rifle. Meanwhile, the detective unit is going with the P239 handgun.

Sig Sauer P320-M17 pistol left profile


P320-M17: SIG Unveils Commercial Variant of the Army M17

Captain James Simmons of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, which is based in Columbus, Ohio, said this marks the first time the department is issuing a standard duty gun to every officer. Testing and transition of these guns was supported by Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Dallas Baldwin.

“We chose Sig Sauer’s P226 as our standard issue pistol after an extensive testing and review process and feel this is the best choice for our force,” Simmons said. “The P239 pistol and the M400 rifle are also being placed into service in our department and we are looking forward to developing …Read the Rest

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