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By Erika Haas

Last year, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law a bill that prohibits landlords, mobile-home park operators, and condo and neighborhood associations from banning residents from displaying the American flag or military service flags. This year, Ohio legislators would like to see that law expanded to include another important symbol.

Back in May, Republican state Representatives Anne Gonzales and Tim Ginter, introduced House Bill 230 which would prevent landlords, park operators and associations from banning Thin Blue Line flags and emblems. The legislation has 38 co-sponsors, of which there are both Republicans and Democrats, and passed the House almost unanimously (90-2) in November.

For those of you who don’t know, the original Thin Blue Line emblem is a black rectangle with a thin blue line cutting through the center. The Thin Blue Line flag – also referred to as the Blue Lives Matter flag – is a black and white version of the American flag in which one of the center white stripes is dyed blue. Both the emblem and flag are often displayed by citizens to show their respect for our law enforcement officers and honor those who have fallen.

The bill has, unsurprisingly, gained support from local law …Read the Rest

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