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By Tom Knighton

I’ve been hammering Ohio Governor John Kasich and his fondness for stomping all over Ohioans’ constitutional rights. Frankly, it’s warranted. The man has turned his back on principles and is instead trying to set up another presidential run by catering to the NeverTrumpers and Democrats, which isn’t going to be a winning strategy. Especially since “NeverTrump” doesn’t necessarily mean they’re anti-Second Amendment.

Recently, though, Kasich vetoed a bill that would benefit gun owners involved in self-defense shootings. The bill was watered down from the Stand Your Ground bill originally proposed, but even that was too much for Kasich’s liberal sensibilities.

It doesn’t matter for Ohioans, though.

A bill broadening gun-owner rights has become law in Ohio, after the Republican-led state Legislature overrode GOP Gov. John Kasich’s veto.

The Senate voted 21-11 on Thursday to reject Kasich’s decision to strike down the bill. That followed a House override earlier in the day.

The legislation expands gun access for off-duty police officers and allows pre-emption of local gun restrictions, among other things.

By stripping the Stand Your Ground language, state lawmakers thought to make it far more palatable, but Kasich has gone full-on gun grabber and doesn’t want any expansion of gun …Read the Rest

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