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By James England

AMELIA, OHIO — A failure in range safety resulted in a concealed carry student negligently shooting and killing a gun shop owner during a concealed carry safety course. Ironic and tragic but also a stark reminder that ensuring the importance that both instructors and students preserve basic firearm safety at all times.

According to ABC 6 News, the instructor was shot in the neck while teaching students about dealing with pistol malfunctions. One of the students accidentally shot him while attempting to complete the activity.

News Channel 4 said the student shot through a wall and the instructor was on the other side. The instructor died from his wounds at the scene.

The Clermont County Sheriff’s Office was called in to investigate and they have not identified the shooter in this incident. While he will likely not be charged with any criminal intent, there is still the possibility he could be charged with civil proceedings due to a wrongful death.

No matter if we’re a student or an instructor, a handgun is something we must maintain accountability over at all times

Every bullet that leaves the chamber is our responsibility — negligent or purposeful.

It’s truly sad that a man who has …Read the Rest

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