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By Cam Edwards

A group of Ohio activists that have been pushing for a ballot referendum on a “universal background check” law for the state say they’re doubling down on their efforts after Ohio Governor Mike DeWine backed away from his previous support in favor of legislation that would increase the penalty and lower the standard to convict someone of providing a prohibited person with a firearm. Among those speaking out in favor of the proposed “universal background check” referendum at a press conference today was Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, who has become outspoken in favor of all sorts of gun control laws after the shooting in her city earlier this year that involved a firearm that was legally purchased with a background check conducted at the time of sale.

Whaley made it clear Wednesday that she believes DeWine’s plan doesn’t go far enough to curb gun violence.

“The only answer is stronger limitations on access to guns,” she said.

The bad news for Mayor Whaley is that a “universal background check” law doesn’t actually limit access to guns. Studies have shown that, even in California, background check laws are readily ignored by criminals, and similar laws in states like …Read the Rest

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