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By Bob Owens


I swear that I wrote the following Tweet hours before seeing George Takei’s missive on gun control at the always (accidentally) amusing The Daily Beast.

I’m amused that the people who know the least about firearms seem to think they have the best ideas on how they should be used.

— Bob Owens (@bob_owens) June 14, 2016

I’ve always liked Mr. Takei as an actor, and am generally impressed by his eloquence. He’s a wonderful speaker. His thinking, however sometimes leaves much to be desired. That’s never been more evident than in his attempt to argue for widespread gun control, artificially pitting the First Amendment freedom of assembly and association against the natural right to armed self-defense.

Mr. Takei assumes much based on faulty readings, and misfires in his enterprise.

With our most basic freedoms under direct assault, it becomes both fair and imperative for us to ask, “What will be done to safeguard our right to associate and assemble?” Just as a fundamental right to vote can be stripped away by even the threat of violence, so too can a whole community grow silent out of fear. Such is the power of terrorism.

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