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By Bob Owens


Few things are more amusing that people attempting to criticize something that they clearly don’t understand.

A perfect example of this is Rob Pincus’s attempt to criticize not the actual Weaver Stance, but a poorly misunderstood parody of a Weaver stance.

What Pincus doesn’t seem to grasp is that the exaggerated “Wikipedia Weaver” he’s having his model emulate isn’t what Jack Weaver used. As the photo below shows, Weaver’s arms are not locked out, he’s not straight up, but is learning forward in a balanced fighting stance.

Jack Weaver

Jack Weaver (front), Thell Reed (back)

Jack Weaver (front), Thell Reed (back)

Another picture of Weaver show that he’s not cartoonishly bladed with both feet off at an odd angle as we see in Pincus’s example, but has his lead foot pointed at the target.

* * *

Amusingly, the school that is credited with making the Weaver Stance famous as part of the Modern Technique of the Pistol, Gunsite Academy, doesn’t use the Wikipedia Weaver, either.

They instead teach what Gunsite Director of Training Dave Starin calls the “fighting stance.”

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