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By Dean Weingarten

Orlando Pulse early in Massacre
Early response outside the Pulse from Cell Phone Video

By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -( Details are emerging about the Orlando Pulse Massacre. It is clear that some of the first impressions were false.

First, there was not any initial exchange of fire inside of the club. Officers did not fire at the murderer in the club, or he at them, until the last few minutes, three hours later, when SWAT officers broke into the bathrooms through a wall.

There was an initial exchange of gunfire, but it was outside of the club. The off duty police officer/security officer quickly disengaged as the murderer entered the club while firing. It is precisely the scenario that John Lott has often predicted. If a security officer is known, a person planning a mass killing will determine a way to take them out with a surprise attack, find a way to bypass them, or avoid them.

Second, there was some time from the initial shooting until police mounted an armed response. The police response was very quick. Additional officers arrived at the scene, formed up, broke out a large window, and went in. But …Read the Rest

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