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By Bob Owens

Jeremiah M. Matthews, 23, has admitted that he attempted to murder a police officer because of his perceptions of police being “oppressive.”

When I see a lone police officer with a car pulled over on the side of the road, I slow down, and make sure that the officer isn’t in any sort of trouble before continuing on.

When I see a lone officer talking approaching a group, I sometimes linger, just to make sure they’re okay.

Thanks to several years of ever-more hyperbolic claims of “police brutality,” and a number of officers attacked and even murdered within the past year, I make an effort to “cover the six” of the Thin Blue Line. I don’t think I’m the only one.

Unfortunately, the agitators, race hustlers, cop-blockers, pandering politicians, and media have told their lies so long and so loud that they have triggered yet another unprovoked anti-police attack:

Prosecutors said a 24-year-old police woman was stabbed a total of 14 times by a man who allegedly told investigators he was out to kill the police officer because “cops are oppressive.”

Houston homicide investigators said Jeremiah M. Matthews, 23, tried to kill an off-duty Houston Community College Officer Aprils Pikes early Tuesday morning while …read more

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