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By Charles Daniel

As a competitor and CHL holder I appreciate skills and training that will transfer between the two. With that in mind I am going to start with a short fable. To be honest, I don’t remember where I read or heard it, and I will likely butcher it, but the lesson holds true.

Let’s begin…

A Japanese Zen Master spends years to train a monkey to fight with a sword. In time, the monkey becomes known, both near and far, as a master with the weapon and is well respected. A swordsman from a distant village hears tale of the monkey and his formidable skill; he decides he must know who is better, he are the monkey. The swordsman travels a great distance and challenges the monkey in a battle to the death. He must know who is best. The battle begins. As they spar, with every attack the swordsman tries, the monkey blocks; with every trick the monkey tries, the swordsman counters. As the struggle rages on he swordsman tires. The swordsman comes to the disheartening conclusion that the monkey, with greater endurance, will win and the swordsman will ultimately lose his life to this monkey. …Read the Rest

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