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By Karl Knighton

Don't Judge (Karl Knighton)

Should we be marketing guns to children?

For some this concept may seem pretty self-evident. If you want to preserve your Second Amendment right you need to market the Second Amendment to future generations.

Others can’t quite grasp the concept of positive firearms marketing to children.

The New York Times recently published an editorial criticizing the firearms industry for pursuing a marketing strategy targeting children. The article referenced a new study from the Violence Policy Center titled “’Start Them Young’ How the Firearms Industry and Gun Lobby Are Targeting Your Children.”

But of course we need to market firearms to our children.

Don’t Judge (Karl Knighton)

If we don’t market the truth about guns to our children then they may eventually end up believing the false, anti-gun narratives of groups like the Violence Policy Center. These groups intentionally use lies and deceit in an effort to abolish our second amendment rights.

The “study” released primarily used advertising examples that were marketing the safe and responsible use of firearms to make their anti-gun case. They attacked everything from 4-H shooting programs to advertising youth rifles that portrayed children being safely taught to shoot by responsible parents. They twisted all the positive advertising to dishonestly link early …Read the Rest

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