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By Rob Morse

Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Louisiana- (

We have to understand our enemy. Yes, I call the anti-rights gun-grabbers our enemy. They want the average citizen disarmed. The gun grabbers want us dependent on the government for our safety. We need to understand our enemy so we can better persuade the average guy on the street that we are right and our enemy is wrong. That is how we will retain our right of armed self-defense.

The gun-grabbers want to punish honest gun owners even though we have not hurt anyone. That is bigotry, plain and simple. If you don’t want a firearm, then don’t own one. But these anti-rights gun grabbers want to use the government to enforce their bigotry on everyone. The anti-rights bigots say that all private gun owners have to be disarmed since someone.. somewhere.. is evil. Their reasoning is simple, if misguided. Let me explain where the anti-rights bigots are wrong and we are right.

The bigoted gun-grabber believes he is performing a balancing test of competing harms. The bigots know it is bad to weaken honest citizens. The bigots also know that evil exists, and they want bad …Read the Rest

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