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By Bob Owens


Like so many anti-gun progressives, Alabama’s Clete Wetli simply cannot bring himself to admit the obvious truth that Hillary Clinton is indeed coming for our guns.

There’s nothing that will sell guns and ammo faster than a conservative politician frothing at the mouth that Democrats are coming for your guns even though everybody with half a brain knows that it’s simply and absolutely a lie.

This NRA-sponsored baseless rhetoric has become routine in politics because politicians know it works for the segment of their base that’s hoarding MREs and incandescent light bulbs in their basements.

When Republicans said Obama was coming for your guns, sales of ammunition and firearms skyrocketed. Of course, Obama never advocated the confiscation of guns, but the truth never stopped conservatives from using fear to motivate their base.

Now, we’ve got the ultimate political waffler, Donald J. Trump, joined by Alabama’s Senator and perennial pessimist, Jeff Sessions, blatantly lying about Hillary Clinton by claiming that she is obsessed with repealing the Second Amendment. They claim that her support of expanding background checks is just liberal code for mass gun confiscation. That makes about as much sense as claiming that checking ID for alcohol sales means that …Read the Rest

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