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By Robert Farago

Police aren’t always the nicest people on planet Earth. To be fair, the people they interact with aren’t always peaceable, law-abiding types either. As for the officer above — who drew his gun on these motorists and assured the driver that he, the police officer, was ready to shoot — we don’t know the totality of the circumstances. Suffice it to say, gun owners have special reason to take care when stopped by cops . .

First, check your state’s laws on the “duty to inform.” That’s a legal obligation (or lack thereof) to tell a police officer you’re carrying a gun.

Even in states where you aren’t legally obliged to tell the officer you’ve got a gun, consider doing so. If a police officer suddenly sees a firearm that he didn’t know about (because you didn’t tell him or her), that’s not going to be a welcome sight. An unpleasant surprise, in fact. Not good.

Before that, when you see the flashers coming after you, I suggest immediately putting on your hazard lights. This indicates compliance — even if you intend on traveling some distance to a safe location to stop.

I also suggest lowering ALL your windows …Read the Rest

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